Is smoking weed dangerous?

Marijuana is classified as the so-called soft drugs. It is considered a typical "party" drug, which is supposed to improve the mood and at the same time increase and sharpen the sensations, for example when listening to music or watching a movie, and even during sex.
Typically, the mood is elevated and even euphoric after smoking marijuana. A person usually has the feeling that he suddenly sees everything clearer and understands the meaning of life, which makes him speechless and willing to philosophical discussions. Occasionally, paroxysmal laughter may appear. Another effect of smoking marijuana is destroying the sense of time, place, and even one's own body, which is why sometimes a seemingly harmless "phase", even funny, for example, that someone suddenly feels like a bird and may fly away, may end up in a terrible accident, because this person is firmly convinced that what is going on in her head is the truth, the real reality. After lighting the "weed", the self-esteem also increases, suddenly a person has the feeling that he can do everything, but it is accompanied by a psychomotor impairment, which makes this drug, like alcohol, the culprit of many traffic accidents, because driving is too fast and reckless, coupled with distorted perceptions of reality, it never ends well.

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It is not true that one joint cannot hurt.

In people with a predisposition that they do not know before, one dose of the drug can cause very serious mental disorders. Cannabis does not cause euphoria in everyone. Some may have thoughts of death and dying, others see terrible things that are not really there. The problem is that they do not realize that it is all a temporary illusion caused by the drug, but they feel that it is all happening, which can lead to accidents, including suicide. may not pass immediately after the effect of the drug has passed. Sleep disturbances may also appear.

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Chronic marijuana smoking is very harmful to your health.

It is a strong irritant to the respiratory tract, which causes frequent pharyngitis and bronchitis. In addition, there are more toxic and carcinogenic substances in smoke than in nicotine smoke, which of course does not mean that smoking is safe. Women who use marijuana often have problems with menstruation, and the babies of such mothers have less birth weight than they should. The relationship between marijuana abuse and schizophrenia is also unclear. It is not fully known whether it increases the risk of this disease or if it is just a trigger in people who are predisposed to it.

Paranoia / Anxiety

Another psychological side effect of marijuana is the paranoia that users experience relatively often after smoking.
"It is undoubtedly documented in the medical literature that THC can affect people by causing anxiety by raising anxiety levels," says Werynski.
A 2015 study found THC increased paranoia in people who had previously experienced it. The study also found that paranoia was not a direct result of THC. Rather, it seemed to be a derivative of the other effects of cannabis (such as depression) and a sense of the unusualness of the state experienced.
Research published in the 1980s suggested that marijuana consumption was associated with an increased anxiety level in patients prone to panic. Werynski notes, however, that CBD may actually act to reduce anxiety.